Frequently Asked Question

I paid for the item, how do I download it?

The download link for the item will be sent to the provided email address. If your purchase was via a registered account, the email on the account will be used. If the purchase is made without an account, the email provided on the address information screen will be used. If the email does not show up within a few minutes of ordering, check your spam folder, as it may end up there. If you have not received the download link in 15 minutes, please use the contact form to let us know.
File format information

Lobefood offers downloads in the mp3 and flac file formats.

MP3 files are lossy, meaning they are not identical copies of the raw audio from the cd. In order to compress files to such small sizes, some audio data is dropped. The difference between lossy and lossless is very small, but the size difference is large, making them very space-efficient. Generally, a 60 minute album will require 90MB of storage space, encoded as 192kps mp3s. In addition, support for mp3 files is almost universal, so they will play on nearly all computers, music programs, and protable audio devices.

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files are lossless, meaning no audio data is discarded during compression. Flac files are higher quality than mp3s, and as such, take more space. A 90MB mp3 album may take 390MB in flac format. Flac is an open source codec, so many audio players support it. iTunes, iPod, and iPhone do not support flac playback. If you are on an Apple machine, you will need to use a different program for playback, or convert the files into a format that your machine will play.